How to become a venture investor? Step-by-step instructions

Venture investments are a new product for private investors that used to be available only to large funds. However, now even investors with small capital can conveniently invest money in Private Equity company stocks that are not yet traded on stock exchanges.

Right now, you can invest in the stocks of SpaceX, Revolut, Instacart, THRASIO, Klarna, Clubhouse, Ant Financial, and many other companies that haven’t had their IPO yet but are already large and successful businesses in later funding stages. Often, these stocks fall under the Pre-IPO category. It’s about major successful businesses approaching their IPO.

So, how to begin your journey into venture Pre-IPO investments:

We have a detailed article for each step.

  1. Get acquainted with the Pre-IPO market. Read our article “What Is Pre-IPO.” In it, we elaborate on how startups grow, how to invest in Pre-IPO stocks, and answer many other questions.
  2. Understand how to select the most promising companies in the Pre-IPO market. We have an article literally titled “How to Choose Companies for Pre-IPO Investments.” In this, we share a list of key points to consider when selecting assets with high growth potential.
  3. Alongside your own analysis, rely on expert opinions. We have two interesting articles for this point.
  • Firstly, an article about the Pre-IPO companies that the world’s largest venture funds invest in. Copying portfolios of large funds that have proven their success in venture investments can be a good strategy for newcomers.
  • Secondly, an article with a selection of Pre-IPO stocks that, in our view, have high growth potential. Check out our article: “5 Companies in the Pre-IPO Market to Enter Right Now.”
  1. Learn to use professional services for venture investments. This is a crucial step to add Pre-IPO stocks to your primary list of tools. We highly recommend our article: “Top 5 Services for Venture Investors.”

Pre-IPO is a new and highly promising product for investors. Open a brokerage account to start using it.

Thousands of assets in one account

Additionally, Meros/Miras provides access to other investment assets. You can invest in stocks, bonds, ETFs, and other assets on dozens of exchanges worldwide.

You also have the opportunity to participate in IPOs. This is another investment tool with potential for tens and hundreds of percent returns. We also have many useful articles for investors about IPOs:

  • “What Is an IPO?”
  • “The 5 Most Anticipated IPO Offerings”
  • “The Top 5 Most Profitable IPOs in Recent Years”
  • “How to Identify Promising IPOs”
  • “How to Analyze an IPO Prospectus”

Open an account with Meros/Miras and make use of the opportunities in the IPO and Pre-IPO markets. If you have any questions about these investment products, you can always address them to our managers.

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