Top 5 IPOs of 2023

Participation in the IPO of large international companies is now available to private traders. You can use a familiar terminal, for example, Metatrader, to participate in the listing of well-known companies on the stock exchange. 

IPO (Initial Public Offering)  is the process of selling company shares to an unlimited number of people on the stock exchange. After the IPO, the company becomes public, and investors from all over the world can now make transactions with the shares listed on the exchange. 

This is beneficial for companies. They raise investments through the sale of shares. But it is also beneficial for investors, because on the very first day of trading, the prices of purchased shares can rise by tens and even hundreds of percent. A few examples: 

    Meat substitute maker Beyond Meat sold shares in an IPO for $25 a share. But on the very first day of trading, the price rose to $65.75. +163% profit per day. 

    Home rental service AirBNB went public at $68, but on listing day, the share price rose to $144.70. Investors earned 112.8% profit for the day. 

     A manufacturer of vaccines (including coronavirus) CureVAC held its IPO at a price of $16 per share. The first trading session ended at $55.90. 249% return for investors in 1 day. 

These are just a few items on the list of successful IPOs, which can be continued for a very long time. 

As we have already said, now participation in the IPO is also available to Forex traders. You can select any company preparing for an IPO in your terminal and participate in the placement of shares. 

In this article, we have selected a few expected IPOs that could take place as early as 2023.


It seemed to many that the social networking market was already divided among the giants. But TikTok changed that in less than a year. Now it is one of the largest social services with more than 1 billion users in 150 countries. 

ByteDance has always attracted the attention of investors. In private funding rounds, the company managed to raise $9.4 billion. Last year, the company’s valuation exceeded $300 billion. 

Even if ByteDance lists a very small share of the shares in the IPO, this IPO will still be included in the list of the largest in history. 

Given the reputation of the company, the IPO will be closely watched by private investors. Therefore, demand for shares can greatly exceed supply. While prices can show a multiple increase. 

Rumors about ByteDance’s IPO have been around for years. The media even appeared information that the company is considering potential underwriters. There are no official confirmations or dates yet, but many experts believe that ByteDance is already ready for public auction. 


Electric vehicle companies have been performing well in the stock market in recent years. Their number will soon be replenished by Vinfast. The South Korean manufacturer of electric vehicles, electric buses and batteries for other vehicles has already filed for an IPO with the US regulator SEC. 

The placement should take place in the first half of 2023. It was planned and officially announced by Vinfast management in the second half of 2022, but was postponed due to unfavorable market conditions. 

According to company director Lou Thi Tu Tuy, Vinfast expects to receive a $60 billion valuation. 

Right now, the company already produces more than 100,000 vehicles a year and plans to increase production by 1.5 times by 2024. 

Impossible Foods

We hope that you have not yet forgotten about the success of the Beyond Meat IPO, which we talked about at the beginning of the article. The placement brought more than 160% profit to investors on the first day. 

Impossible Foods  is another well-known manufacturer of meat substitutes. The company held several large rounds of financing at once, and among the investors: Bill Gates, Jay-Z, Serena Williams and Katty Perry.

Impossible Foods plans to enter public auction were told by Reuters, citing sources in the company’s top management, back in April 2021. The initial placement was planned for 12 months, including with the option of entering the auction through SPAC. 

The company has a bright future as many experts predict the alternative protein market will grow to $100 billion within 10 years. What is more, Impossible Foods already has a large share of this market. Therefore, participation in such an IPO can be a very good idea. 


Another well-known social service that is preparing for its IPO. The company filed papers with the SEC at the end of 2021, but the exact date has not yet been determined. Representatives of Reddit said that they are waiting for “suitable market conditions.”

The company regularly updates the package of documents in the SEC and has not abandoned the idea of an IPO. Several sources at once confirm that it is likely to take place in the second half of 2023. The company is now valued at more than $10 billion, but many analysts agree that an IPO could raise the valuation to over $15 billion. If you also think that Reddit can replicate the success of other major social networks in the stock market, you can participate in an IPO


Indeed one of the most anticipated IPOs of recent years. Stripe’s imminent entry into the exchange has been talked about for the past few years. Again, it’s about the size of the company. Stripe is already valued at more than $100 billion, and its IPO will definitely be on the list of the largest. 

The company has grown a lot during the covid years. The annual revenue of the service now exceeds $12 billion. 

Stripe co-founder John Collison denied plans for an IPO last year. But according to many reputable media outlets, in particular The Information, Stripe employees have already been warned that the company will go public before the end of 2023. 

The online payment market is growing every year. And if you want to become one of Stripe’s investors like Elon Musk, you can consider participating in the company’s IPO. 

These are just 5 interesting companies that plan to enter the IPO in 2023. The list goes on with big names like Discord, Klarna, Chime, Boston Dynamics, Starlink, Databricks and many more. 

As we said above, now traders can also participate in the IPO through the usual terminals. Right now you can go to the trading platform and see the list of companies in the IPO of which you can participate in the near future. Choose companies you believe in and try to invest in your first IPO.

5 companies on the Pre-IPO market, which you need to enter now

Venture investment is now available to individual traders. To buy shares of well-known private companies before they go public, huge capital is no longer needed. You can invest in rapidly growing companies directly from your Metatrader. 

The so-called Pre-IPO companies are also available. These are large projects that have already successfully completed several rounds of financing and are preparing to go public. 

At each of these stages, company shares grow by tens and hundreds of percent. A couple of examples: 

  • Snowflake – the IT company, in which Warren Buffett himself invested, brought hundreds of percent of the profit. At the Pre-IPO stage, Snowflake shares could be bought for $15-$30. Immediately before the IPO, analysts estimated 1 share already at $70-$80. The shares were placed at $120 and rose to $253.93 on the first day of trading. The capital of investors who invested money at the Pre-IPO stage increased by 10-15 times.
  • Another interesting example is the well-known cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. Before the company went public, Coinbase shares could be bought for $40-$50. But on the first day of trading on the Nasdaq, the share price rose to $328.28.

What’s more, multiple price increases don’t just happen on the day of the IPO. With every successful funding round, new investors come into the business. The capitalization of the company is increasing, and everyone who has invested before is making money on it. 

As mentioned above, you now have access to the venture investment market. Moreover, in a convenient and familiar terminal. This is a new product for traders, so in this article we would like to share a list of Pre-IPO companies worth investing in now. 

1. SpaceX 

The first private company to launch its own spacecraft into space orbit. SpaceX and its projects are so famous that hardly anyone needs to describe their activities. 
But SpaceX is also a very interesting investment project. Over the past 7 years, the company’s capitalization has increased more than 14 times. We have already given the example of Snowflake above. So, SpaceX shares showed the same growth even without the IPO. The company is still non-public and continues to steadily raise capital through

Therefore, even without an IPO, SpaceX continues to increase in capitalization and bring profit to investors.


The well-known British financial service has been demonstrating a steady growth in key indicators for several years in a row. If we speak about the company’s valuation, then it has grown by 3-6 times each of the last years

This applies not only to market valuation, but also to other key indicators: the number of customers, the volume of processed transactions, revenue, etc. Here is the data on annual revenue, here you can also see a stable annual growth. 

Revolut founder Nikolai Storonsky has repeatedly said that the company is planning an IPO over time. But even without this, Revolut has no problems with funding. Several successful funding rounds have been held in recent years. 


Payment service Stripe could well become the biggest IPO in history. As the company approaches its IPO with a valuation approaching $100 billion

2020-2021 has been a very successful year for the company. It multiplied its revenue and profit due to the popularization of online payments during the covid years. Then she held 2 consecutive large rounds of financing ($600 million each). 

The founders of Stripe have publicly announced several times that the company is preparing for an IPO. It will probably happen as early as 2023 (the exact date is still unknown). Therefore, now is a very good time to invest in the company. 

Epic Games

The game studio Epic Games, which developed the famous game Fortnite, is in great demand among investors. The company has already raised $6.4 billion in investments. Over the past 3 years, Epic Games has held 3 large rounds at once for $1 billion, for $1.5 billion and for $2 billion. 

There is no specific news or approximate dates for the IPO. The management of Epic Games has not yet given hints about the imminent entry into the exchange, but even without this, investors can earn on the company’s shares. Revenue figures are growing from year to year. In addition, the company attracts new investors even without an IPO. 


Another major FinTech service that is already very close to its IPO. Klarna is a Swedish company that helps businesses set up online payment acceptance. It is a global service with over 140 million users serving over 250,000 online stores. The company shows stable growth. Revenue increases by about 1.5 – 2 times annually.

Klarna regularly holds successful investment rounds. The last one is worth $800 million. Therefore, the Swedish financial service now looks like a very interesting story for venture investments.

In fact, there are many promising companies in the OTC market that show similar results. Every year, they improve business performance by several times, attract billions of dollars of investments and are already approaching their IPO. 

And if earlier venture investments in fast-growing companies were available only to large investors with large capital, now all these companies are in your terminal. You can participate in this super profitable market conveniently. 

Choose companies that you believe will grow and try your hand at venture capital investment. 

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