Top 5 services for venture investors

Venture investments are becoming more accessible to regular traders without a huge capital. Previously, only large professional funds could participate in private investment rounds in startups, but now this opportunity is available in your Metatrader 5 platform.

We’re talking about Pre-IPO. These are shares of large global companies that are in late-stage financing rounds. For example, among Pre-IPO companies, the most well-known ones are: SpaceX, Revolut, Thrasio, Klarna, and many others.

These companies are not yet traded on the stock exchange. These are real venture investments. You can buy shares of private companies and earn on the growth of their business valuation. Moreover, you can do it right in Metatrader. This is a new asset for traders, so we are sharing life hacks on how to successfully invest in Pre-IPO companies.

In this article, we will talk about 5 useful services for venture investors.

  1. Crunchbase

This is a convenient information platform that collects detailed information on startups:

  • Company information
  • Current business valuation
  • History of financing rounds
  • Information about investors who invested money in the company
  • News feed about the organization

And much more. Crunchbase is a comprehensive service that helps to conveniently search for up-to-date information on interesting companies.

  1. Pitchbook

Analog and the main competitor of Crunchbase. Pitchbook also allows users to conveniently sort information on interesting companies. The platform also has a convenient search service for the desired startups based on criteria such as valuation, assets, liabilities, revenues, and other variables.

In addition to the main functionality, there are also subscriptions to news and analytical materials.

  1. Mattermark

Venture investors mainly use this service as a tool for monitoring interesting companies. Mattermark collects all public information about the business: aggregates data from information platforms (Crunchbase, AngelList), news publications, analytical materials, securities commission reports, social networks, and other sources.

Mattermark has its own team of specialists who verify the received data for reliability. Information on tracked companies is collected in convenient and visual reports and sent to the user. As soon as something happens with a company that interests you, you will immediately receive a notification in a convenient way.

  1. CB Insights

CB Insights is a large analytical platform that allows for detailed analysis of industries, market trends, and leading companies in specific areas. CB Insights services are used by major players in the venture investment market such as Sequoia Capital, Salesforce Ventures, Castrol InnoVentures, as well as the world’s largest economic publications such as Bloomberg, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal. CB Insights not only aggregates information about interesting private companies but also conducts its own research, which can be useful not only for beginners but also for experienced venture investors.

  1. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is a useful tool for analyzing web services and applications. With SimilarWeb, you can obtain independent data on a company’s actual audience, including the number of visits and traffic volume, gender, age, and geographic location of the audience, referral sources, and information about competitors. This data can be used to evaluate the popularity of applications and web services as well as their market share. An excellent auxiliary tool for obtaining additional data on a company.

Using specialized services for venture investors will help you constantly have valuable information about promising companies. Investments in Pre-IPO companies were previously only available to large investment funds with significant capital. Now, buying shares of large private companies is available to traders as well. To compete with professionals, you need to approach the matter as a professional investor. The services described in the article will help you find the most promising investment ideas. Try making your first deals with Pre-IPO company shares today.

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